Fernando Augusto “Terere” Seminar

Unfortunately I was not able to make this seminar but one of our students was lucky enough to get an invite to this intimate seminar. Gerald Walker was able to get some pictures of the day and has also provided a write up of his experience.

I am a white belt in BJJ with a healthy thirst to learn more about this fantastic art, so i was naturally very excited at the prospect and opportunity to train with a 2 times world champion black belt Fernando Augusto “Terere”.

I arrived early an met the owner of the gym a Mr Gary Baker, he was welcoming and friendly which is nice when you are a stranger to another MMA school and gym. It was cold but clean and once we were all in and had changed into our assorted Gi’s you could feel the anticipation in the air.

Terere arrived and you could here a pin drop in there, he changed quickly and said a few words of welcome and thanks and then we hit the mats.

First session was all about open guard defence, mainly the spider guard and how to control your opponent and maintain this position of full control. He then showed us four sweeps from this position very neat indeed but not that easy to achieve. Great to get to see these techniques as they are above my rank.

The second session was all about side mount control and submissions from there. He showed us arm bar, chokes and a bow & arrow finish all from a side mount control position. Terere did not skimp on the details and took his time to demonstrate each technique with great care, experience and passion for BJJ. He repeatedly told us the secrete is in the details, learn the details of each technique!  It was truly a great opportunity to train with such experienced practitioners and it will greatly improve my game and those around me as i develop what i was taught today.

At the end he had a free rolling session where he rolled with selected people, I unfortunately did not manage to roll with him but i did get to roll with a Purple, 4 Blues and a white belt. I had an amazing time and have taken away so much from this experience.DSCF1305 DSCF1308 DSCF1320 DSCF1322 DSCF12992

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