English BJJ Open 2010

Basingstoke SMA visited our first BJJ tournament this last weekend (Nov 6th & 7th). Gerald Walker, Stewart Murdoch and myself were the representatives. Between us we got a few individual wins but more importantly we were very competitive which was our goal from the start. With our school only being 5 months old we were at a disadvantage from the start competing against schools that have been around for years so for us to be so competitive on our first visit is very encouraging for the future. I know we all learnt alot about ourselves and also what it will take to medal in one of these events.

I am very proud of my guys for the hard work they did leading upto the tournament and also for the excellent way they represented Basingstoke SMA  at the tournament. I know we will all be working even harder for the next one, and with our school numbers growing all the time hopefully we will enter more students next time. Onwards and upwards!

Below are some pictures of us at the event, there will be a video up soon.

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