Brian Ebersole visits BSMA

UFC Fighter Brian Ebersole visited our Academy yesterday (4th Aug) We started with a light warm up then moved on to some much needed wrestling control both from standing and the ground. We covered a couple of very effective takedowns that I will be adding to my game straight away. Brian is famous for not being finished from the Guillotine and he shared a few of his secrets with us which will hopefully mean no more Guillotine taps for me but also means I will probably never catch anybody else in class again either :) I really enjoyed Brian’s teaching style he was very clear in what he wanted from us and was very willing to help when we went wrong I also enjoyed his brand of humour which kept the seminar relaxed and an atmosphere I know myself and my students enjoyed. This was a very big deal for our us to have a fighter of Brian’s calibre coaching at our Academy and he did not disappoint!

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