Spotlight: White Belt

Although Dave Camarillo is talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in this video, he has some great advice which should be used by both our Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students……enjoy

Robson Moura Seminar

Ian Duff is one of our BJJ students and he was able to get one of the few places available on the Robson Moura seminar on Saturday 23rd July. Robson Moura is a many time world champion so to get a place on this seminar was truly special. Here is […]

Castle Hill Demo 2011

On Saturday 25th June our Taekwondo school visited Castle Hill Schools Summer Fete. The ground was a little wet under foot but that did not stop our students doing a great job and getting some excellent feed back from the audience and the school. I am very proud of you […]

Bournemouth BJJ Open 2011

On 18th June our BJJ School visited the Bournemouth Open. We came away with 1 gold 2 Silver and 3 Bronze! Not only that but on the official results table we came 11th out of 39 schools. Not bad for a school only 1 year old. We had 8 entrants: […]

Donald Bowerman seminar

After our class on Monday everyone was very excited about this leg lock seminar. The seminar started with the basic entries and small details which make the leg locks more effective. We then moved on to some more advanced entries into the knee bar, some of which I will definitely […]

Donald Bowerman visits

Donald Bowerman is one of Roy Dean’s top students. He is teaching a leg lock seminar on Saturday 21st May but in the week leading up to this he is visiting both of the UK Roy Dean Affiliate schools. He came to us on Monday 16th May, here are some […]

Poole BJJ Academy visit our School

Last month Poole BJJ Academy visited one of our classes. Paul Laver took the class, showing us some cool half guard sweeps. After a short technical portion we went straight into rolling so the students from the 2 schools could have a chance to roll with each other. A great […]

UK Premier Open Bristol Video

A video of our recent visit to Bristol for the UK Premier BJJ Open 2011

UK Premier BJJ Open Bristol

Our BJJ school visited our second tournament in Bristol on Saturday 26th February. It was a great day! we had some wins, some loses and some medals. Our school brought home a haul of 3 Silvers and 2 Bronzes. Each of our students had their own experiences and whether they […]